Thursday, June 21, 2007

Friendship Dinner & Auction Photos

Photos from our June 2 fundraising gala are now posted on the CISC web site! From the main page, click on 2007 Friendship Dinner & Auction Photos. It's easy!

Class of 2007

Today, we graduated our first class of pre-K program participants. Because of a late start up, we were only able enroll 3 students for the entire first year, but we already have a waiting list for next September!

This program helps prepare 4 year old Seattle residents to succeed in school. We do this through the only bilingual Mandarin/English pre-K program in the state.

The change in the children since last September has been dramatic. They now have no problem following teacher's instructions, taking turns, use scissors safely, and much more. But perhaps most important of all is that their love of learning has blossomed tremendously.

For more information on this program, please contact Hueiling Chan at or 206-624-5633 x 4139.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Beehive Debuts in Seattle

What is the Beehive anyway? It's a web site that aims to help make life easier by providing a single interactive place to connect you to important information on money, jobs, school, childcare, housing, and much, much more. Today, the Beehive launched its Seattle site, joining dozens of other cities around the country.

CISC is partnering with One Economy to create information that is useful to our community, in our languages. (Currently, information is only available in English and Spanish.) You can also read about the real experiences of new immigrants, including Yanna Fang and Auntie Jie. Go to and click on Stories from a New America (behind the American flag). Or just click on this link.

Friday, June 08, 2007

2007 Friendship Dinner a Huge Success!

For those of you who weren't able to join us, this year's Friendship Dinner & Auction was an event to remember! Over 400 guests bid on items large and small, from a Swarovski crystal key chain to Diamond Club Mariner seats.

This year's focus was on continuing our legacy of service to the community and building on our first 35 years of success. As we move into the future, we work in early learning, services for youth and their families is critical to ensure that we create opportunities for success - in school, at work, and in life.

Because of generous corporate sponsorship, 100% of the funds raised from this event (over $125,000) goes directly to CISC services like our early learning program. Thank you to our supporters and our sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsor

Siver Sponsors

Other Sponsor

Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

On Monday, we had over 100 seniors line up outside our offices as early as 4:00 am to try to access vouchers for low income seniors to use at farmers markets. These $40 vouchers had to be accessed at the Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens, but because our seniors (and many other in the community) do not speak English, they came to us for help.

The city only had 3 phone lines open and our staff and volunteers were only able to get vouchers for 17 individuals in the first 2 hours.

Eventually, all of the seniors were able to obtain vouchers and are looking forward to using them to obtain farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

For more information, click here.