Tuesday, July 02, 2013

First Townhall Meeting at CISC!

For most of the Chinese ordinary citizens, it would be a once a lifetime opportunity to be able to meet a high government official in China. Nearly 100 participants were very excited to be able to meet and talk to the Mayor in person in a town hall meeting hosted at CISC on June 20, 2013. During the meeting, different issues including education, bilingual support for immigrants, transportation, housing, pollutions and safety has been raised by the participants. Mayor McGinn has been sincerely addressing the concerns of the each participant.

“I’ve been living in Guangzhou for the more than 30 years, yet, I’ve never met the Mayor. Living in New York for the last 20 years, I only had a glimpse of the back of the New York Mayor while he was leading a group of people walking very fast in front of me. I feel so honored to be able to talk to the Mayor in person after moving to Seattle for only 1 year. I am so impressed and deeply touched by the presence of the Mayor.” An elderly expressed his pleasure during the meeting.

CISC is not only providing services that connect clients to the resources they need as they establish their new lives in Seattle. It’s also important for us to connect the people to its government. “We can’t emphasis enough for the importance of civil engagement. The presence of the Mayor at CISC has sent an important message to our community. The City has opening arms, a caring heart and a listening ear to the Chinese residents in Seattle. We are so gracious to see that happening.” Stephen Lam, the Acting Executive Director at CISC said.