Thursday, June 22, 2006

Construction Update #3

Who knew a drinking fountain could cause so many problems? It seems that our drinking fountain was going to stick out too far into the hallway and the only way to get it to fit was to push it back into the wall by 2 feet. Unfortunately, that would mean the office on the other side (already rather small at 10'x8') would lose 2' making for an 8'x8' cell. Yikes!

The other option was to relocate it just outside the restrooms, but that would mean that if a person were in a wheelchair getting a drink of water, they might be in the way of people getting in and out of both the men's and women's restroom. It couldn't be pushed into the wall any more because the plumbing has already been done for the janitor closet on the other side.

After much discussion and scratching of heads, it was decided that relocating the drinking fountain was the least objectionable solution. On the plus side, going to a flush mounted fountain in the new location will not only save space, but will likely cost less as well.

Now as long as we don't have a rush on the restrooms and thirsty handicapped people at the same time...

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