Friday, July 07, 2006

Windows Part 2

We lied. There won't be scaffolding covering the warehouse side of the building after all. Instead, the contractor will be using a lift to cut out the holes for the windows. You can see where they've put in steel supports to hold the wall up in addition to the wood framing inside the building to support the ceiling. Come on down the Chinatown on Wednesday and watch them cut big holes out of the side of the building!

In addition, we met with our cabling contractor Friday (the one in the back that looks like he's got a headache) to figure out exactly where all the data and voice hookups go. Of course, it's much more complicated that it seems at first glance. Not only do we have to plan for 50+ staff, the International Community Technology Center (which will have 10 PS's, 3 Macs, and 2 Linux machines, by the way), and other public spaces, but also try to figure out what our needs may be 30-60 years into the future!

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