Monday, August 28, 2006

Floor Monuments

Well, last week at our construction site meeting, the discussion was all about what to do with the floor monuments that are supposed to go into the International Family Center.

What are floor monuments, you ask? No, they're not tombstones in the floor, although that's what they sound like they should be. They're electrical, voice and data outlets sunken into the floor instead of the wall.

We had several of them in the Family Center near the movable walls since we can't put electrical outlets into the panels. But as they were drilling into the floor of the Family Center, they discovered that the concrete floor is only 4 ½" deep. And the monuments are 4" deep. That doesn't give much room for error.

Instead, we decided to relocate all the floor monuments to outside walls and structural columns that run through the space. It won't look as nice, but at least we won't have people falling through the floor into the parking lot below.

By the way, the reason they were drilling the floor was to put in plumbing for the Children's Room. There will be a kitchen area for the Family Center and pre-K program in the space that has been sponsored by an anonymous "For the Love of Kids" donor.

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