Wednesday, October 04, 2006


What a roller coaster ride it's been! First we thought the elevator work would be done on time. Then we found out the parts had not yet been ordered. Then we got it so the parts would arrive on site in time, but the work on the hydraulic cylinder would delay the completion.

Without the elevator up and running, we can't move the furniture upstairs. And without furniture, we can't move in and be open for business Nov 1. Then the issue of a new controller emerged last week (just 4 weeks before our move in date!!).

After many e-mails and phone calls back an forth, we found out that we will be able to complete all the elevator work in time and that we won't have to change out the controller before we move in. Yeah!

Here is a picture of the elevator between floors. Hopefully, something we will not see often after it is all fixed!

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