Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next Week is the Primary

For those of us who have been on vacation or engrossed in the Beijing Olympics, you may have missed the fact that the Washington State primary election has been moved up to August 19 this year. In fact, absentee ballots have already gone out and people are starting their voting by mail.
(Don't know why this picture isn't showing up,
but click on it and you can still see the original.)

In keeping with CISC's mission to empower all our community members to succeed in their new community, and to encourage civic engagement on all fronts, we want to make sure that everyone knows that there is voting assistance available for those who need it.

Information is available in Chinese on the King County Elections web site. CISC staff can also help with in person assistance for those who need it, although they cannot and do not recommend or endorse any particular position or candidate.

Remember, this year we are moving to the Top 2 Primary in which you need not declare a party affiliation in order to vote. Just get out there and cast your ballot!

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