Saturday, October 11, 2008


Friday, we spent the morning discussing fundraising (after having watched the Dow fall 850 points in the first 45 minutes of trading), trends and challenges we have been seeing and experiencing in our respective communities. Sharing experiences and best practices not only in service provision but financial stability is crucial, especially in these challenging and uncertain times.

Learning from one another, and looking to our colleagues from around the world for support is a key benefit to CISANI membership. It truly is a special group of individuals, who run an extraordinary collection of agencies to benefit Chinese and other immigrants in communities around the world.Our hats of to these dedicated individuals and organizations, and a big thanks to our friends in Houston for a wonderful and enriching experience in the Lone Star State!

For more information on CISANI, please visit our website: Looking forward to next year's meeting hosted by the Chinese American Planning Council in New York, NY!

Alaric & friend

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