Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kids' Activities

October was a busy month for kids at CISC. Our preschoolers went trick-or-treating through our offices, collecting candy and treats, many for the first time.

Free candy?! What a concept!!

The seniors particularly get a kick out of the kids, and just love handing out goodies. Moms and caregivers had a good time putting together costumes for their little ones.
And over in Redmond, we've started our 7th play and learn group this month. After literally months of waiting for the city to finish construction on the new facility, we are now happy to be able to bring play and learn to family, friend and neighbor caregivers in Redmond at Grass Lawn Park.

Many Microsoft families, grandmothers and young children utilize this park on 148th Ave NE. And with the newly refurbished play area (with a really cool rock and water feature), it's going to be awesome on sunny summer days!

Please help us spread the word about this new resource on the Eastside!

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