Friday, April 03, 2009

Thought ‧ Inspiration ‧ Mastery

During the spring break, staff from CISC's International Technology Community Center took a group of energetic youth to visit the University of Washington and Bellevue Community College. For most of them, this was the first time to set foot on the campus of an institution of higher learning.

After our guide explained the meaning of the inscription "Thought Inspiration Mastery" on the statues outside Suzzallo Library, we couldn't help but hold our breaths as we stepped into our first university library. Hmm... maybe it's time to do some serious planning about our future!

Although ice cream tempura may have been the highlight of the tours, we learned a great deal about preparing for college and college life. We were thrilled to learn about various support programs for bilingual students and meet with representatives from local colleges and universities.

In the highly competitive job markets of today, having a college degree is not a luxury, but a necessity. Our kids are taking the first step to preparing for their future success.

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