Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Caregiver Appreciation Party

Last Monday, the Family Caregiver Support Program at CISC held a party in appreciation of all the hard work and selflessness of the family caregivers, who spend much of their time taking care of their loved ones. The Family Caregiver program helps these caregivers, who are taking care of their elderly parents or partners, by providing support education, counseling, and creating long term care plans. The unpaid work of a family caregiver can be demanding, and the program works closely with them to ease any physical or mental burn-out. Most caregivers work, and on average caregivers put in 20 hours a week taking care of their loved ones, with almost one in five putting in over 40 hours per week.

Before the party started, there was also a workshop on "How to Ease Muscle Pain" put on by chiropractic physicians Dr. Esther Cheng and Dr. Albert Wu. In the workshop, caregivers learned some simple but effective exercises to ease muscle pain.

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