Thursday, September 21, 2006

Expanded Entryway

This past week, the old entrance to the building was removed then reinstalled flush with the exterior building wall so that we get an extra 10-12 feet or so as you enter the new space. Doesn't sound like much, but because it's open up to the top of the 2nd floor, it really makes for a dramatic entrance.

We're getting a new electronic card reader for the main entrance. Sounds simple enough, but figuring out how it was going to work with double doors that need to allow for emergency exit when they're locked, but also have the ability to remain open during regular business hours took about 2 weeks and several consultations with the window supplier, general contractor, and low voltage wiring people.

Happy to say that we finally got it just the way we wanted, which will let us have a larger, more welcoming entryway, good security, and safety all at the same time. You really can have it all!

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