Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Progress on Monitor

Here's what the monitor looks like now (you know, that big rectangle we cut in the roof, then pushed up 8 feet?) . They've finished sheetrocking the ceiling and sides and have put in the electrical connections for the lights.

Next to come are windows, 4 feet high, divided into 3 sections each, and 6 hanging light fixtures over the open office area.

We've purchased some high quality (expensive) used office cubicles for a very reasonable price that will go into this space. We think we can get 29 or 30 8' x 8' cubicles in here. Not only are they slightly larger than many other workspaces, they also have glass panes on the top part of the panels so there will be more light and an airier feeling - while still maintaining roughly the same amount of sound blocking.
Here's what they looked like at their old home.

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