Thursday, November 16, 2006

611 S Lane St!

After WEEKS of negotiating with the city, we finally have an official address! 611 South Lane Street, Seattle, WA 98104.

Months ago, we were told that we should choose an odd number between 601 and 619 since Cathay Bank is 621 S Lane. So we picked 611 and assumed all was well until about 3 weeks ago.

Turns out that the way the city numbers things is based on where the walkway comes out of the building. So even though we're facing Lane St, and the bank right next to us has a Lane St address, we were told we had to have a Maynard Ave address!

After much consulting with the city and working with their supervisors, they decided to let us go with 611 S Lane. Good thing too, since the movers are coming tomorrow. It's been kind of difficult taking deliveries when no one can find us.

Even ended up having to stand out on the corner in the rain last week to direct a delivery truck to our site! To make it even more confusing, the original address of the building was 624 S Dearborn, but on all the permits it was incorrectly listed as 628 S Dearborn.

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