Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wall Panels

They're up! Now that the elevator's working, we've been able to get the operable partitions up to the International Family Center on the 2nd floor. Work on the tracks was completed long ago. We've just been waiting for the panels (which weigh about 300 pounds each) to be moved upstairs.

These movable walls provide great flexiblity in how we are able to use our space in the Family Center. Whether they're all closed so we have 5 separate rooms for meetings and classes, or all open so we have one large gathering space for community events, these panels allow for multiple uses and many different configurations.

Many thanks to our sponsors of these rooms: Kam Au, Bill and Agnes Kwan, and Sinclair and Genevieve Yee. Your support will touch the lives of over 1,200 families each year who use the Family Center!

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