Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

On Monday, we celebrated the Year of the Ox, 4707.

The year of the Ox is just what’s needed to clean up the mess and clutter left by the Rat. The Ox is not as he appears and should not be underestimated or considered slow or unaware. The Ox is the quintessential hardworking, cleaner-upper who will put everything back in order and turn chaos back into reason. Thank goodness!

There is no room for anyone looking for a free ride during an Ox year. Hard work pays off, not laziness. It’s a year to get papers in order and your life back on track, and to do whatever it takes to budget and plan for your financial future, lessening the stress and securing your position.

The kids in our after school program learned these lessons as well as other traditions and values while at the same time preparing themselves to succeed in the US.

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