Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imagine Saving a Life

Did you know that every two minutes someone in Western Washington needs a blood transfusion? And for some people who need multiple transfusions, perfectly matched blood can help them avoid serious, even fatal complications.That's why it's so important for people in the Asian Pacific Islander community to give blood. Our blood is especially precious to people of our own heritage.

Kirby Wong, son of long time CISC supporter Ed Wong, needed 544 units of blood following heart surgery when he was just 44. Because the blood was mostly from people of European descent, his body developed complications which prevented him from receiving a life saving heart transplant.

Nine years later, Ed carries on his son's wishes to hold regular blood drives in the Seattle API community. YOU can save a life by giving blood on Saturday, February 28.

It takes less than an hour, it's easy to do, and nearly painless. Really! You may never know whose life you saved, but you will know you are saving lives.

Please call 206.721.3630 x 126 to set up an appointment right now. Or e-mail - don't wait!

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