Sunday, November 15, 2009

Complete Count Committee Convening

We spent last Friday in Spokane participating in the Seattle Region's Complete Count Committee Convening for the 2010 Census. Representatives from WA, OR, ID, Northern CA and AK gathered to learn about the census and how to make sure everyone is counted.

CISC's contribution was to share our efforts on how we have tried to encourage our traditionally undercounted communities to participate. From T-shirts to chopsticks to fortune cookies to presentations at the international conference of Chinese Immigrant Service Agencies, we continue to try to let people know why it is important to be counted:
  1. For every person not counted, our community loses $1,400 in federal dollars each year.
  2. We need to count all residents - citizens and non, documented and not - so we can have adequate representation in government, and services for our community.
  3. The census is safe - personal information cannot be shared with immigration, police, housing authorities, or the IRS.
For more information on why it's important to be counted, go to

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