Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy 50th!

Long time CISC supporter Frank Chow celebrated the 50th anniversary of his arrival in the United States last night with friends, family, and CISC!

Wonderful food, warm companionship and much merriment were followed by an eloquent speech by Frank's wife Katty, a former CISC board member.

Katty explained how since retirement, she has been coming to CISC every week to volunteer in the SHIBA program and how spending more time in the office has given her a better understanding of the workings and goings on within CISC.

She and Frank reconfirmed their commitment to the community and acknowledged their own success by making a generous contribution to CISC and also to Kin On.

As Katty said, we all started from humble beginnings and needed the help that CISC offers, and all are moving closer to the time when we may need the help offered by Kin On too!

Thank you Frank and Katty for your fine example and continued support!

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Alan said...

We all enjoyed the gathering and delicious foods at the dinner. Thanks again for their invitation and generosity. Alan Lee